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Ko-Lanta Hotel Reservation Ko-Lanta Hotel Reservation

Ko-Lanta Hotel Reservation

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Costa Lanta Hotel

Ko Lanta is a little less widely known than Ko Phi Phi. It is well-known with tourists who prefer a getaway from the parties. It's preferred with a significantly older group than neighborhood Ko Phi Phi. Activities at Koh Lanta are more of wandering on the beach and enjoying the sunset rather than dancing and drinking . Nevertheless, there are a great deal of bars in the island for party lover. It is also common for families with young children, and of course, with divers. Ko Lanta can offer a party if you know where to search.

With cool,clear waters and remarkable white sand beaches extending along a 28 km coastline, it is heaven to holiday makers from every part of the world. The Koh Lanta archipelago is composed of over 50 small islands, though only three are inhabited: Lanta Noi, Lanta Yai and Ko Ngai. Lanta Yai is the most appealing to vacationers, with its spectacular beaches and activities for visitors.Ko Lanta is specifically famous among Swedish tourists. You may expect to see the poolside language in Swedish most of the time.Having said that, there are still plenty of Irish and English bars and restaurants to visit in the island.

Khlong Khong beach is a another good spot to watch the sunset and at night many bars have their own fire shows and parties. Popular dining places are such as The Sound Shack Bar, Where Else, Fisherman's Cottage, The Chocolate Bar and Bubble Jungle who host parties on different nights. Visitors could be able to dance till the sun comes up. Not so many restaurants are loctaed on the beach but are set back in the resorts. All of them you can visit but if you want really really great food head south on the beach to Fisherman's Cottage.

Klong Toab is a small beach next to Klong Khong which is popular of its golden sandy beach. Some part are rocky, but it is set to become more exclusive as a luxurious resort has just moved in. Klong Toab Beach is quite wide with good shade and good for swimming in some areas. It is the last beach on the main road before turning left along the main road. Next to Klong Toab Beach, the road will be smaller along the beach on the west side.

Klong Dao Beach is where all tourists visiting Koh Lanta arrive onto the island. It is the nearest beach to Ban Saladan village. Due to its convenient location it is the most developed beach on Koh Lanta. At Klong Dao, visiots will find accommodation for all budgets, many come with own spas and nearly all with swimming pools. Many visitors love to watch Koh Lanta's stunning sunsets with  sundowner drinks - a cold beer at one of the beach bars and be amazed at the colour change over the horizon as the sun goes down. Khlong Dao is far from overdeveloped though, as resorts cannot build on the beach or above tree height, keeping them unobtrusive and preserving the relaxed atmosphere.

Koh Lanta Yai island is home to "Chao Le" or sea gypsies who continue to maintain their traditional lifestyle and beliefs, such as setting a boat a drift to drive out evil and bring good luck, which is practiced every year during the full moon in November and June. There are few nice beaches located in the west such as Ao Phra Ae, Hat Khlong Khong, Hat Kho Kwang, Hat Lo Bara, as well as Hat Khlong Nin. Sala Dan Pier is where shops, tour operators and banks are located. 

A paved road runs along the beaches all the way from the northern part of the island to the headquarters of the Mu Koh Lanta National Park in the south. Visitors would be amazed by a series of mountains covered with virgin rainforest. There is an old community at the east part of this island. The district office was previously here and later moved to Koh Lanta Noi. Most people on the island are Muslim. The traditional Loi Ruea Ceremony is still practiced by the communities of Ban Sang Ka-u. Not far from the headquarters, Laem Tanot features a lighthouse, where visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of a pebble beach merging with a white sandy beach. At the end of the cape features Koh Mo, an ideal diving spot. Besides Laem Tanot, tourists can enjoy the Andaman Sea's spectacular view from many hilltop restaurants located in the central part of the island.

Popular hotels at Ko Lanta are such as Lanta Pavilion Resort, Chaw-Ka-Cher Tropicana Lanta Resort, Srilanta Resort,Lanta Pura Beach Resort, Costa Lanta Hotel and many more.

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